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We are very proud of our excellent reputation. Many of our customers approach us after a recommendation from another satisfied customer. That is no coincidence; we always make sure that we maintain high standards of service throughout every phase of every project we undertake.

Kitchen cabinets
Wet & dry bars
Entertainment rooms
Laundry rooms
Custom Closets
Office & Study Rooms
We Listen

This is the first thing you will notice at your first consultation with our skilled team of designers. We will listen attentively to your goals and ask questions to ensure we get a clear understanding of your needs. After that, we’ll suggest new ideas that can add more value to your project.
Our Passion

To Aron (our founder), wood is not just a business. It’s his passion, and he takes great pride and enjoyment in working with it. Aron is the happiest man on Earth whenever he completes a project and has a satisfied customer.
We Keep in Touch

At Precise Kitchens, we always think from the customer’s point of view and never want you to feel lost at any point during the project. We make sure to keep in touch and give you weekly updates about the project so that it is an enjoyable experience for you.
Our Experience

Being an installer for 14 years has allowed Aron to see reality. Often times, designers come up with ideas that are not practical or realistic. However, Aron knows what is feasible and what’s not, which gives us an edge in the design world.


We display our ideas on a life like, full-screen monitor so that our clients can see the final results of what we are going to do with their project. In that way, we are assured that what you have in mind is precisely what we are presenting to you. We understand that having your project suit your taste means a lot to you and your family so we’ll never force anything on you and we will tweak and adjust your design to give your project a professional and precise touch while making sure you absolutly love it.

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We like keeping things simple. Our founder is an highly experienced dealer, and his attention to detail is second to none. We are thorough in our selection process and mindful of the companies with which we deal.

We have selected Crystal Cabinet Works as our high-quality company that we can vouch for and that offers a lifetime warranty for their products. From kitchen cabinets and custom closets to vanities and desk storage for your office space, our creativity and skills ensure that we add value to your space and help you achieve your vision.

Our Process In Detail
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