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Ari recently established Precise Kitchens after 14 years of experience in this sector. That’s a long time to master a trade! Ari has successfully managed a wide range of projects over the years from high-end kitchen installations to corporate projects including two luxury hotels (The Knickerbocker and The Moxy in New York’s Times Square). Ari’s hands-one experience gives him far more knowledge than other dealers.  Ari’s philosophy is timeless and simple: precision is everything. His eye for detail, passion, and dedication are what earned him the trust of large corporate organizations and residential customers. We already have many local projects where you can view Ari’s skill and professionalism for yourself. Upon request, we will provide you with references and take you to see some of our projects.

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Our Value

To Ari, quality is more than a priority it’s his value. Precise Kitchens is formed with those value’s, we always think from the customer's point of view and will never impose our thinking on you because it benefits us. We will craft a design that is born from your needs, your desires, your style and one that works within your budget.
We take pride in our work and only perform jobs where we feel comfortable signing our name on it. We treat each customer as an only customer!

What makes us Unique

Our founder, Ari, has a creative eye for design and provides extra attention to detail that results in magnificent projects. To him, wood is not just a business, it’s his passion!
One of the first things our customers notice is that we listen carefully to understand their needs and ensure that our goals are mutual throughout the process. We will bring new ideas to the table that will fit what you have envisioned. At Precise Kitchens, our experience is evidenced by every aspect of the project — from the initial consultation to the final sign-off. Most importantly, it results in design solutions that address your needs of today and for years to come.


We focus on getting things perfect

First time. Every time.

At Precise Kitchens, we strongly believe in quality. We are passionate about designing a beautiful, practical, and functional kitchen for your home. We take pride in what we do, and we want to extend this wealth of knowledge to your home.
We strongly believe that a happy, pleased, and satisfied customer will bring us many more customers. To achieve this goal, we make sure we gain your trust by delivering high-quality work and showing you how reliable we are.
Our company’s name, Precise Kitchens, wasn’t chosen because it’s a beautiful name. It is who we are! We are always precise in our work and our customers’ desires. We finish every project on time and to the highest standards.
Our highly knowledgeable and friendly customer care representatives are always on deck to support you, answer any question you may have, follow up on queries, and ensure you stay informed about every step. When you choose Precise Kitchens, you can be sure that our experienced and dedicated team will go above and beyond to deliver work that exceeds your expectations.
Precise Kitchens will never force an idea on you because it’s more beneficial for us. We will craft a design based on your needs, budget, preferences, and lifestyle alone. We promise to be a team you can trust with your dreams and goals, and we are never going back on that promise. Rest assured, you’ll get nothing but the best.
Whether they are big or small, we tackle all projects with the same level of excellence and professionalism. We’ll never provide you with sub-standard work that we aren’t proud of. We make sure we leave all jobs in a state where we can comfortably append our signature. We always aim to deliver quality designs that will last for years!
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